Allesha the author?

Gets inspiration from niece and nephew twin toddlers

March 28, 2022- Washington, DC. Songwriter and entrepreneur Allesha Alexander writes the first children’s book ” The Adventures of ALexi and Ace” that was inspired by two very young family members. Allesha felt that it would be great to have the twins, will have something. ” #BETHEORGINALYOU ” is all these Author/ Entrepreneur lives by she says, and living through her brand and where she is trying to head as far as career goals, she is really on another level of thinking.

Spare time is never wasted when it comes to putting polishes on the company. Allesha Alexander has started a conglomerate-Parent company called Virtuous Mentality. Virtuous simply means having or showing high moral standards. Under Virtuous Mentality falls other industries of media including Virtuous Mentality Podradio, Virtuous Mentality Productions, Virtuous Mentality Clothing Brand, Virtuous Mentality Magazine – VMAG, VIrtuous Mentality Mass Media Publishing, and Distribution. Mass media publishing and Distribution have the means of doing business across state lines in New York.


social media pages@ @VM-press, @vmmassmedia, @virtuousmentalitygear


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