Virtuous Mentality is slowly moving up in different Industries such as mass media, publishing, and distribution.

March 28, 2022- Wash, DC. March 28, 2022- Wash, DC. CEO Allesha Alexander Decides to address all the main questions associated with Virtuous Mentality Company, by naming all their companies after the parent company “Virtuous Mentality”. Allesha Alexander adds that expanding to different industries is important because people still need media, fashion, and entertainment. They also need clothing, music, publicity, a place to send media, a way to communicate it, and more.

 With Virtuous Mentality, each company operates separately but still holds the same “Virtuous Values” in those words themselves. Certified in Media Communications from Full Sail University, Allesha Alexander Plans to utilize the information and tools that the school has given each student. “When asked, what is your overall goal for the business? she responded,” To become one of the largest conglomerate companies to publish and distribute its own media and or industries worldwide!” 


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